"Morning Experience"

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Re-imagining morning experience

Belmond Hotel Group

This project is about “Re-imagining morning experience”  for millennial travelers, Focused on Asia, especially Koh Samui island in Thailand.  

Align with the part of  Belmond Mission since 2015. Which are - Capitalize on Belmond brand strategy, Marketing the whole brand instead of individual properties, Increasing customer frequency of visits and cross visitation opportunities especially attracts Gen Z. 


We researched understanding how millennials travel and their travel characteristic.


Travel is deeply important to millennials. No other generation has ever been able to enjoy travel as much as millennials are doing. Traveling is easier and more affordable than ever before, and therefore, it is not surprising that most millennials put travel above buying a home.



 We choose to narrow our scope to southeast Asia specially for Belmond property at Koh Samui island in Thailand.  Now The growth rate of travelers who want to visit South East Asia is considered to be  the largest . Bangkok, Thailand is the most visited city in the world.and Koh Samui win the first place in global beachfront destination

Potential Targets 

Strategy - Defining service elements

We defined what is “Exceptional Morning experience”  for millennials. Which can be a , Personalised, Seamless, Special, Authentic, Flexible. Experience for customer. And also unpack the four morning experience stages that lead to our service solutions,Awakening and rising, Boosting Energy, Discovering, Get ready.


When is the best time for staying at luxury hotel?

As Millennial travelers are on-going travelers, From our interview, people said that weather they can afford it or not, for experience they are not stick to stay at the same hotel for entire journey. But  the majority of them all commonly answered that the first day and last day is the day they want to treat themselves so they staying at luxury hotel most rather than other days, therefore it is also great opportunity time to deliver our service and make the customer appreciate the most. For a highlight of starting their travel and make the finale of their journey.

Re-defining "Morning" time to provide tailored service

The insights from the in-depth interview, customer's first day and last day journey and their needs are different. And the journey of morning experience also different; Extended time from last night or start the journey of closing a journey.



To Design a pre-experience and post experience service that allow potential millennials to try Belmond experience to make sure that Belmond can offer the exceptional experience for them so that they will trust and choose to stay at Belmond at least one night during their trip .


To sum up

Technology is changing the way all of us make purchase decisions especially for millennials .We purposely designed a contained environment that directs viewers through the marketing funnel – from inspiration and awareness with the video , facial recognition technology to create a loyalty program through the Belmond passport And by this way we can  collaborate  with the local community for the real authentic while filming  the video to and while we providing service because these local community are also the stakeholders in our ecosystem.And this the real authenticity of Belmond.