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I am a visual thinker and love to be creative. I always believe design can help people to have a better experience. I am passionate about simplifying the process from a complex problem area and system, which leads to the creation of a tailored solution.


Through understanding complex value network systems, identifying customer pain points and co-creating with key stakeholders, we can transform how customers experience services.

I can offer two years of experience in design for global leading companies, excellent design thinking, insight-driven research and analysis, service proposition development and prototyping skills.

I am currently working as Service Designer at AI startup, She use service design methodology to understand target customers and design an experience and features they'll love. 

Previously studied Graphic Design and Communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design (University of Arts London), and recent graduated from MA Service Design at Royal College of Art.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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