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InMotion &

Jaguar and Land Rover


Weeve is project with InMotion Ventures, a venture powered by Jaguar Land Rover innovating businesses in the mobility. Within a mission "Develop inter and intra-urban mobility priority services for young professionals aged 18 to 34, who are living in London and creating a premium service experience for them.

Research & Insight 

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We researched to understand out target group, City Mixers are 18-34 old young professionals who live in urban areas and

have a lifestyle that cannot differentiate their work life from their social life.


- Digital native


City Mixers are very tech savvy. They grew up during the major breakthroughs of technology, and they had a massive usage of internet from a young age. they are comfortable with technology and interact on social media and are very familiar with communicating through these mediums

- Work-life blended

City mixers are living in a work-life blend, this means that their professional lives blend into their personal lives. wherever they go they take their communication devices with them so that they can always stay connected to work.


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Interviews and scenarios 

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Finding Needs around mobility 

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Our Service

Weeve is a mobility service for supporting young professionals to help them build up connections through shared journeys.

The core benefit of Weeve service is the customer network, will support customer network through expected service, such as on demand, meeting people, maintaining relationships, saving time and priority are being met.


Therefore, customers will meet potential service, expanding their network

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Service Features

Weeve provides 4 main features that are managing their network depends on priority, planning and sharing journey easily, choosing mobility by their priority and helping managing data about network and payment.

Business Plan

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