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Data Analytics platform Design 


Real-time analytics is the next data revolution, it promises to deliver huge productivity, revenue and cost opportunities to companies operating at every level of every industry. The problem is that real-time analytics isn’t accessible to most companies, they simply can’t afford it.The product mission is to enable developers to build data-driven digital products more quickly, at lower cost.

Role and responsibilities

Service Designer 

- Market research
- User research(assist)
- User Testing (assist)
- Persona and user journey(lead)
- Prototyping
- Service blueprint map (lead)
- Journey map (lead)
- Design guide (assist)


Research,  User Interview

Through qualitative and quantitative user interviews, we tried to figure out who our target users are, how they are currently working, what processes they have, how they interact with others, and whether they have paint points on each stage.

Ideation for initial concept 

I led the mapped out customer journey map, to see the user interaction in detail, and used this map as an initial resource to identify potential service elements, and priorities key features. we also use this materials for testing with users and prototyping for service elements. as you can see on the image behind, we were able to highlight where the user found most painful, and the area that we need to improve.

Prototyping and testing

We went through the process of identifying users' interactions using user journal maps and service blue print maps etc, and verifying the usability of users we expected through user testing. Most of the user testing was conducted through 1:1 observation. Through insights and feedback obtained through testing, we constantly went through the process of upgrading and modifying our products.


For the outcome, we were able to launch the first version of the service, after 11 month of journey - and secured £2.3 m seed investment. had great feedback from developer from various fields. 

I'm happy to discuss more on the process and details. 

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